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1. Ancient Towns of Mir and Nesvizh (conducted in English)

The beginning of the excursion: 9:00 am Distance: 270 km; 11 hours TOUR PROGRAMME The majestic MIR CASTLE (www.mirzamak.by) was built in the XVI century. Its bright architectural look, mighty walls and towers, colorful courtyard leave a lasting impression which will be complemented by the MUSEUM EXPOSITION inside the castle. You will feel the...


2. World War II Memorial Khatyn

The beginning of the excursion: 12:00 am Distance: 150 km; 5 hours TOUR PROGRAMME The Khatyn Memorial is a monument to all those who fell victim to German Nazism. It serves as a reminder to all the living to do whatever is possible to prevent such a tragedy from ever being repeated and to spare no effort to preserve peace on this Earth. Here, at...


3. Minsk Unique (walking tour conducted in English)

Minsk Unique The beginning of the excursion: 10:00 am Distance: 5 km; 2,5 hours Take our new exclusive "Minsk Unique" walking tour - and you will find out why Minsk can be really called a "unique" city. You will learn the history and see the symbols of central squares of Minsk - there were several of them in our city's lifetime: Svobody (Liberty),...


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